May 2018 Artist Meet & Greet

May 12, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Greenview Gallery
7406 N. Greenview Ave

Arturo Barrera

Teaching Artist Since 1992

Arturo Barrera strives to improve Art teaching, which means being exposed to the latest techniques in various Art media. He has learned over the years that new ideas and new experiences generate new teaching approaches in the classroom. The result is electric, because our students have a venue for creative expression. This makes the atmosphere of the Art room exciting and challenging!

Arturo believes multiculturalism is a valuable component for the students to embrace. He communicates with students the need to be aware of the benefits of and the highlights of the many cultures that are a part of today’s society. He teaches students about how the fine arts can be integrated with the core curriculum of their understanding in all continual growth.

In his classes, Arturo incorporates the reading and viewing of many varied types of materials, enabling him to utilize meaning-making art skills that lead to summarizing, questioning and interpreting the subject matter. He also enhances the student’s critical thinking skills by recognizing their content knowledge and solution methods for problem solving, thus allowing for the interaction of the artistic process.

Bio as of 2018


BFA in Art Education, The School of The Art Institute of Chicago

MFA in Printmaking and Painting, Northern Illinois University

M.A. in Education Administration, Governor State University