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Each month we select a new local artist to feature in our Cafe and Parlor. Artists will have the opportunity to host open galleries and sell their artwork to the greater Rogers Park community. Artist could feature their work such as painting, sculpture, drawings, or photography. For more information or to become our Artist in Residency, please fill out the form above and/or email us at


April 2018 Artist in Residency:

David Kopka

Saturday April 28th 1 pm to 3 pm
Sunday April 29th 9 am to 12 pm

Meet David Kopka, local photographer.  Experience unique beauty right outside your front door through David’s photography.  When he shares his photos people typically ask, “wow!  Where did you get that shot?”  Majority of his photos were taken within a mile of his home.

What if we all put down the iPhone or iPad for a couple hours a day?  We might just find time to appreciate the outdoors, peace and quiet, and beauty in what’s right in front of you!

Until then, see the world (or your neighborhood) through David’s photographs.

Photographic Prints on Polished acrylic and Metal Prints.

Available in various styles, a wide range of sizes, and a variety of contemporary mounting options.

Past Artists In Residency At Charmers

2018 Artists in Residency

March 2018 Artist in Residency:

Jill Andrada- Black Abstracts

2017 Artists in Residence


November 2017 Artist in Residency:

Michael R. Nuccio

Annette M O’Donnell

October 2017 Artist in Residency:

Annette M. O’Donnell


September 2017 Artist in Residency:

John Bambino


August 2017 Artist in Residency:

Nick and Jess Podraza


July 2017 Artist in Residency:

Michael Magada


June 2017 Artist in Residency:

Patty Peixoto


May 2017 Artist in Residency:

Michael Nuccio


April 2017 Artist in Residency:

Ivan Trava


February 2017 Artist in Residency:

Joan Game