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Each month we select a new local artist to feature in our Cafe and Parlor. Artists will have the opportunity to host open galleries and sell their artwork to the greater Rogers Park community. Artist could feature their work such as painting, sculpture, drawings, or photography. For more information or to become our Artist in Residency, please fill out the form above and/or email us at


August 2018 Artist in Residency:

Jim Spizzo


July 29th 1:00pm to 3:00 pm

Born in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago and raised in the scrappy town of Cicero, Jim Spizzo now resides in the city. He has called the Chicago area home for much of his life.

Jim has been shooting photos since he was 8 or 9 years old. He has used a variety of cameras including, early-on, the ubiquitous Kodak Instamatic; then a variety of 35mm film cameras, and currently the Nikon D810 [digital] camera.

 Jim processes his own images, and does his printing on high quality, museum grade paper. All images are serendipitous. Significantly, Jim’s photos are neither staged nor otherwise artificially manipulated.

Jim is a graduate of Illinois College and the University of Iowa. Photography is his “2nd career.” He has taken photography-related courses over the years at several institutions including, e.g., the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and online courses taught by seasoned pro photographers.

Jim seeks to examine places, people and objects differently, and to record images which tweak our consciousness by offering insights into the context and subject of a photo. Most of all Jim loves shooting in urban areas, especially Chicago. 

Over the past 18 months Jim has participated in 4 juried photo exhibitions in the city. Jim is delighted and honored to participate in the Charmers Café/Greenview Gallery Art Exhibit series.

Follow Jim on Facebook and/or Instagram: search “Jim Spizzo.”  Website is forthcoming!

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